Benefits Of Android Phones

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Benefits of Android Phones

There are several phone platforms that you can select from today. One of the most popular platforms is the Android phone created by Google. Android phones come with several exciting features and most consumers prefer them over other kinds of phones. Here are benefits of android phones.

1. Cheaper to purchase
Android phones are simpler to afford in contrast with other smart cell phones present in the market. It is normally very expensive to buy a Blackberry or an iPhone. Meanwhile, you can easily acquire an Android phone for free at major phone companies when opening or renewing your contract. With Android phones, people have similar options to those offered to users of smart phones for a reduced amount of money.

2. High customization
One shortcoming of using conventional phones is the limited customization options. Users are normally limited to the default themes. However, with Android phones, mobile applications can be downloaded from the vast Android market. Users of Android phones therefore have better opportunities with regards to customizing their phones.

3. Compatibility
Android phones have the ability of running most of the websites normally run on computers. You can delight in your preferred websites, social networks and email by using these kinds of phones. This is because Android phones are compatible with HTML5. Having an Android phone is like owning a PC that can fit in the pocket.

Benefits of Android Phones
With regards to power, users of Android phones benefit from more power that can even rival speeds of certain consumer electronics such as smaller notebooks. With this improved efficiency and power, it is much simpler to multitask. It is possible to run various mobile applications simultaneously, without being concerned about the phone hanging.
Since Android phones operate on open source platform, it increases the chances of hacking of these phones.

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