Benefits Of Android 2.2

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Benefits of Android 2.2

Android 2.2 is a big update for the recent successful operating system from Google. Even though it might not appear very different from its predecessor Android 2.1, it certainly has some fundamental alteration that make a huge difference once you start using it. Android 2.2, also called Froyo, is extremely fast at browsing and also running apps. Get more advantages of Android 2.2 below.

1. Better home screen
Once you have upgraded to the new Android 2.2, you will notice the improved home screen. This improvement more effectively utilizes your home screen by making the common phone features easily accessible. Previously, if you desired fast access to your browser, you would probably have to place the appropriate icons on the home screen.

2. Flash support
A highly anticipated advantage of the Android 2.2 is flash support. It works well in most instances for viewing web content. You can easily work together with the volume controls, play button and seek bar. In addition, Android 2.2 also allows better playing of all Flash-based games.

3. Tethering
Android 2.2 also has built in wired and wireless tethering, which is a carrier’s worst nightmare. You will be capable of tethering Android 2.2 mobile phones and then use them like portable hotspots or modems. However, the carrier requires being support as this cannot be done without carrier support.

4. Business benefits
Google has added new features on the Android 2.2 so as to charm businesses. In fact, it will be much simpler to plug the Android 2.2 into Exchange. This will assist in syncing calendars and emails. Besides that, organizations will be capable of wiping a mobile phone as well as setting security policies remotely.

Nonetheless, the disadvantages of Android 2.2 are that it does not support wireless keyboard, modem pairing, Bluetooth stereo and contacts exchange.

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