Benefits of Amniocentesis

Benefits of Amniocentesis

Amniocentesis refers to a diagnostic examination that is done for determining whether or not there are some genetic disorders present in a child. It is normally performed between 15 and 21 weeks of pregnancy. However, certain medical facilities are known for performing amniocentesis from as early like 11 weeks. Choosing to undergo amniocentesis is a very big decision and it may offer you the following benefits.

1. Detects abnormalities
A key advantage of amniocentesis is that it provides the chance of detecting various chromosome abnormalities, genetic disorders and neural tube defects as well. Trisomy 21 or Down syndrome is among the most prevalent chromosome abnormalities. Other genetic disorders and complications that can be established using amniocentesis include spina bifida and cystic fibrosis. If these disorders are discovered early, it provides the parents time to pursue any potential treatments that may be available.

2. Paternity testing
The other major use of amniocentesis is for carrying out paternity testing before the baby is born. DNA is normally collected from the would-be father and then it is likened to the DNA got from the unborn baby. With respect to determining paternity, results got from amniocentesis are normally 99% accurate.

3. Enables early planning
Taking the amniocentesis test offers parents a chance to start making plans for a baby with special requirements, especially those with genetic disorders. The parents can begin to address the expected lifestyle changes. For most parents, the results of the amniocentesis test might even allow them to decide whether or not to carry the baby to term.

4. Fetal anemia
Amniocentesis also assists doctors to find out how harsh the fetal anemia is to the baby. Using the results, the physicians can decide whether or not the child requires blood transfusions.
The major risk linked to undergoing the amniocentesis test is miscarriage, which may occur because of prematurely induced labor.

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