Benefits Of Amino Acids

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Benefits of Amino Acids

Amino acids are essentially responsible for protein production and are used by all body cells for various important functions. Usually, amino acids are obtainable from food sources that contain high amounts of proteins. These foods are broken down into amino acids that are then used for building specific kinds of protein required. Further below are benefits of amino acids.

1. Alleviates stress

One of the amino acids known as tyrosine plays an essential role during stress and it helps to maintain proper function of the thyroid gland. In addition, tyrosine also stimulates and modifies brain activity, making it highly efficient to control anxiety and depression linked to drug withdrawal. It helps individuals using amphetamine to reduce their doses in only a couple of weeks.

2. Sleep regulation

The amino acid responsible for regulating sleep is known as tryptophan. It also aids in the manufacturing of serotonin, which is very important in an individual’s brain. In fact, when a person has a deficiency of tryptophan it usually results in insomnia.

3. Reproductive health

Amino acids are also necessary for promoting proper reproductive health. In men, sperm count is enhanced with the assistance of arginine, which is one of the essential amino acids. Arginine is used in the manufacture of estrogen in the body and thus a deficiency might contribute to estrogen deficiency. Other additional benefits of arginine is that it aids in accelerate wound healing, toning muscle tissue and promoting both mental and physical alertness.

4. Antioxidant effects

Glutathione has powerful antioxidant properties and may assist to prevent cancer. It works through binding to the toxins present in a person’s liver, which is the main cleansing organ in the body. This enables the toxins to be efficiently removed.

However, excess amino acids neutralize calcium, which causes calcium to get leached from the bones. A protein rich nutrition may weaken bones significantly.

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