Benefits Of AMEX Platinum

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Benefits of AMEX Platinum

The AMEX Platinum card from American Express is desired by most people due to the status and prestige linked to it. However, other than the prestige of the AMEX Platinum Card, it provides lots of advantages to its users. Actually, the benefits of this card are simply unequalled by other credit cards available in the market. Further down are benefits of AMEX Platinum.

1. Driving benefits
With the AMEX Platinum membership, you do not even require spending additional resources acquiring the AAA membership. This is because you will be covered to about 4 service calls every year. Furthermore, in the unlikely event of a collision in a foreign country that has narrower streets, the Platinum card also offers coverage.

2. Better shopping experience
Sometimes you can purchase a product and then it is stolen or accidentally damaged in only a few days. Whether it is an expensive piece of clothing or electronics, if you purchased it using your AMEX Platinum card, then you receive purchase protection. This particular card also provides return protection. American Express does more than only consent your return; it will also reimburse you about $300 per piece.

3. Benefits air travel
Air travel can get very stressful nowadays, with the only exception being the airport lounges reserved for first-class passengers. The AMEX Platinum offers the user free access to the exclusive first-class sanctuaries where you will find everything you need for unwinding. From plush sofas and chairs to complimentary internet and phones, AMEX Platinum card greatly enhances the air travel experience.

4. Baggage coverage
For checked and carry-on luggage, the AMEX Platinum offers about $3000 in coverage. This is an added coverage to the insurance offered by the airline, increasing the user’s overall coverage.
Nevertheless, the shortcoming of the AMEX Platinum card is its huge annual fee, which can negatively affect your finances.

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