Benefits of Amethyst

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Benefits of Amethyst

Amethyst is a rare form of quartz that is popularly used in different parts of the world. It is a six sided crystal which is found within geodes. It can either be in the form of mass or crystal, and usually contains manganese. However most amethyst stones are not natural in nature, they are heated to produce a shade of purple. Amethyst has been popularly used to generate far infrared radiation, which has the following health benefits.

1. Promotes cell growth

Far infrared radiation is well known to aid in cell regeneration and cell growth. According to recent scientific studies, increasing infrared radiation in your body translates to more energy and cell regeneration. The main benefit of far infrared radiation is the fact that they have long wavelengths hence they don’t have sufficient energy to kill the cells (like X rays), but enough to provide life-giving energy.

2. Sleeping aid

From experiments with humans and animals, recent studies show that infrared has sleep modulator effect. Typically, amethyst crystals emit a low level of heat that can help you sleep, and calm the body as well.

3. Improves blood circulation

Infrared radiation also aids in proper blood circulation in the body, especially ‘microcirculation’ in your skin. It is more suited in promoting effective and more increased blood circulation as compared to ‘conductive heat’.

4. Promotes proper circulation of body fluids

Infrared radiation is not only effective in promoting blood circulation, but also flow of bodily fluids. Infrared radiation has been known to increase the flexibility of the blood vessels, ensuring all the nutrients reach their destinations quickly. In addition, it also speeds the overall fluid transportation in your body.

5. Faster healing of wounds

Because infrared aids in enhancing blood circulation, it can help faster healing of wounds by bringing nutrients to the cells for repair. In addition, infrared radiation also helps to repair damaged tissues as a result of reconstructive surgeries, diabetes mellitus or other acute and chronic damage.

The main disadvantage of amethyst is that it is very rare and therefore is quite expensive especially when it comes to the production of far infrared radiation.

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