Benefits of AmeriCorps

AmeriCorps has loads of benefits to provide its members. Perhaps the greatest advantage that you will get after joining this service is simply the satisfaction that you have made a huge impact in your country and community. Whether you build homes, clear trails, tutor children or help in the development of a local clinic, you are going to see direct outcomes of your duties. Here are more AmeriCorps benefits

1. Promotes professional development

During your service like a member of the prestigious AmeriCorps, you are going to gain lots of valuable experience. This experience normally translates directly to work experience in any chosen field. Some of the vital skills that you will learn include communication, teamwork and responsibility among other skills that are going to assist you in your professional life. Most people discover that their year in AmeriCorps provided them more skills and experience that they might have attained from a regular paying job.

2. Living allowance

AmeriCorps members get a sizeable living allowance. Even though you are not going to get wealthy from the living allowance, most members do not complain since they have discovered that it is enough for their daily expenses. Furthermore, many people do not join AmeriCorps to earn money. Members are essentially keener in helping other people than their pay, and thus they appreciate the allowance they receive.

3. Assistance with student loans

All members of the AmeriCorps who have successfully finished their service will get an Education Award. This particular award can be used for paying educational costs at various qualified institutions to get education or repaying student loans. Furthermore, an AmeriCorps service is recognized like an equivalent to public service jobs for the purpose of loan forgiveness for public servants.

As such, AmeriCorps is determined to ensure that its members are well educated and that they also have the ability to access education loans.

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