Benefits Of Amaranth

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Benefits of Amaranth

Amaranth tree has broad leaves and it produces numerous seeds. It is actually an ancient kind of grain used in India. Amaranth flour is used to make delicious cookies and it offers several benefits. Other uses and benefits of amaranth are listed below.

1. Good protein source

Amaranth contains high protein amounts, up to 35% more than rice, oats and wheat flour. In addition, the protein present in amaranth flour is complete and it contains all the vital amino acids in contrast with other protein sources. This means that you do not require being concerned about consuming different protein sources in order to get the recommended protein dose. Amaranth also lacks gluten that is considered like a problematic type of protein present in most grains.

2. Highly palatable

Amaranth is very simple to prepare and it is highly palatable as it can be included in dishes and also snacks. This herb is grown then eaten like a vegetable in most countries throughout the world. It can be steamed, boiled or used in soups for adding flavor. An additional health benefit of amaranth is that its cooked form is about 95% digestible.

3. Fiber

Amaranth possesses diet ary fiber, which helps in enhancing digestion. The fiber present in amaranth not only quickens digestion, but it also lowers cholesterol levels. Furthermore, amaranth contains amino acids like lysine that helps in cancer treatment.

4. Immune support

The other key advantage offered by amaranth consumption is that it assists in boosting the immune function. This immune enhancing property is attributed to the oils present in amaranth. These oils help in both the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease and hypertension. Regular amaranth consumption also lowers blood pressure by reducing cholesterol levels.

Because of the oxalic acid content in amaranth, it may inhibit the absorption of zinc and calcium. People with rheumatoid arthritis and kidney disorders should therefore avoid amaranth consumption.

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