Benefits Of Alum

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Benefits of Alum

Alum root, popularly known as wild geranium or cranesbill, has been used for ages both as an antiseptic and as an astringent. Read on and discover the many health benefits of the herb to you general well-being.

1. Dental health
Alum root has been used for years as a mouth wash for treating infections of the gums and mouth. A mouth wash is simple to make, simply chop one alum root and pour it in a bowl, then fill it with warm water. Cover it and leave it for four seven hours, then rinse it. Rinse the mouthwash/infusion several times until the symptoms subside.

2. Treats bleeding cuts
Studies show that alum root can also stop bleeding. You can sprinkle Alum Root residue on the sore or bleeding cut to prevent excessive blood loss. If you continue bleeding profusely even after applying the powder, consult a doctor.

3. Alum root and ulcers
Alum root can cure internal cancers. Simply drink a hot cup of tea made from Alum root and consume one tablespoon every day. This will help stop excess bleeding for quicker healing. Since it is a drying effect, consume it in moderation to prevent dehydration.

4. Combats diarrhea
Due to its drying effect, Alum root can help to treat diarrhea. Native Indians used it to treat stomach ailments. To treat diarrhea, drink a strong cup of tea made from the root and ensure you follow the instructions.

5. Treats dysentery
Researchers suggest that Alum root can help in the treatment of dysentery. Simply have a strong cup of tea from Alum root until you feel better. However, don’t consume more than 20 cups a day.
No significant side effect has been reported. Nonetheless, make sure you consult a doctor before taking herbal supplements to ensure they don’t have adverse side effects on your health.

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