Benefits of Alfalfa Tablets

Benefits of Alfalfa Tablets

Medicago sativa, also known as alfalfa is an herb that grows under different climatic conditions. It is bluish in color and is classified as livestock feed. You can either take it as a capsule or tablets, or consume it in form of tea. Many believe that alfalfa tablets have plenty of medicinal benefits and can help with eating disorders, arthritis, as well as lowering ‘’ bad” cholesterol. Nonetheless, these theories lack scientific backing but the tablets contain high vitamin content.

1. Lowers cholesterol Alfalfa tablets can help to lower high cholesterol responsible for increased risk to heart disease. More importantly, alfalfa supplements help to lower cholesterol after a meal. Adding alfalfa supplements to your nutrition is of utmost importance in order to prevent clumping of the arteries, which cause a disease known as arteriosclerosis.

2. Boosts immune system Since alfalfa tablets are made by grinding up the herb, any minerals and vitamins found in the leaves are also found in the capsules (or tablets). Among other substances present in alfalfa supplements, vitamins and minerals are useful as they improve function of the immune system, protecting you against disease and viral infections.

3. Aids in digestion Alfalfa tablets are high in fiber, which make them useful in helping with digestion. Regular use of alfalfa tablets can help to relieve stomach disorders, including acid reflux, stomach upset, gastric ulcers and irregular bowel movements. Moreover, it aids in detoxification and improves function of the liver, eliminating wastes and toxins from the body.

4. Alfalfa tablets and arthritis Alfalfa tables can also help with joint problems. Daily intake of alfalfa tablets is useful in relieving pain and stiffness caused by disorders, such as bursitis and arthritis. Just like any other type of medication, put in mind that moderation is the key to prevent undesirable side effects.

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