Benefits Of Alfalfa Supplements

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Benefits of Alfalfa Supplements

Alfalfa, a feed plant, is fast gaining popularity due to its medicinal properties and health benefits. Not only are the tender stems, dehydrated leaves and the sprouts beneficial, but the alfalfa supplements also. Below is a general look at benefits of alfalfa supplements.

1. Cures digestive complications

Alfalfa supplements may provide relief for different digestive disorders, according to research. In ancient India and China, herbal practitioners use alfalfa leaves for treating kidney trouble and constipation. Nowadays, consuming alfalfa supplements is recommended for treating water retention and aiding people lose weight, especially those with diabetes.

2. Nutrients

Another vital advantage of consuming alfalfa supplements is that they offer various vitamins in sufficient amounts. Examples of vitamins present in these supplements include vitamins BI, B6, A, E, K and C. Moreover, it also comprises of the necessary minerals such as iron, zinc and calcium. Alfalfa plant absorbs most of the nutrients from the soil while synthesizing other nutrients from the sun. Alfalfa seeds that are usually contained within alfalfa supplements comprise of about 35% protein.

3. Treats hormonal imbalances

Individuals with hormonal imbalances are advised to begin taking alfalfa supplements to supplement their treatment. The reason for this is the high content of phytoestrogens. These phytoestrogens are almost the same as human estrogen; therefore they can be used in the body as an alternative to natural estrogen. The addition of alfalfa supplements is highly effective for dealing with menopausal symptoms as well as other hormonal imbalances. Because hormonal imbalance may also be a symptom of other serious conditions, it is important to consult a doctor prior to using these supplements like a treatment method.

Prolonged alfalfa supplements use may cause uncomfortable muscle pain resulting in enhanced fatigue. These supplements may also interfere with certain routine medications, leading to toxicity, kidney complications and abnormal immune function.

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