Benefits Of Air National Guard

Benefits of Air National Guard

The Air National Guard is a key part of the defense system in America. Actually, National Guard soldiers took part in the successful invasion of British armed forces under the command of George Washington. Joining the National Guard is thereby revered by American citizens. Below are other benefits of Air National Guard.

1. Education benefits
Members of Air National Guard are eligible for receiving education benefits provided they sign up for six years. As soon as recruits complete technical school and basic training, they can get these education benefits. The program is non-contributory and this means that there is no payment required or deductions in salary for you to receive these benefits. In addition, National Guard also provides a community college where soldiers can earn degrees and further their education.

2. Life insurance
Joining the Air National Guard opens a soldier to get great life insurance packages. For instance, it is possible to buy up to approximately $200,000 of life insurance for a meager $20 every month. Soldiers can opt for lesser coverage for reduced premiums or reject insurance altogether.

3. Loan repayment
For individuals who qualify to join the National Guard, then you can benefit from the program of repaying student loans. Any current student loans and also the interest are going to be catered for up to the amount of $20,000.

4. Training
Enlisting in Air National Guard comes with the advantage of getting free and useful training. Moreover, you earn college hours during training and this is valuable for individuals looking to advance their learning afterwards.

5. Cash bonus
Recruits are offered $8,000 cash bonus following signing up for six years in specific career fields in the National Guard.
During emergencies like war, members of the Air National Guard are normally required for active duty. This leads to extended absenteeism from home and this is the only disadvantage of National Guard.

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