Benefits Of Air Exchanger

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Benefits of Air Exchanger

An air exchanger is the appliance responsible for expelling the humid and polluted air from the house and replacing it with cleaner air. The fresh air passes through this appliance where it is filtered and dispersed all over the house. Air exchangers offer many benefits like the ones listed below.

1. Increases quality of indoor air

Increasingly, the quality of indoor air is being acknowledged as being one of the major causes of various health issues. Air exchangers help in enhancing the quality of indoor air by drawing clean air from the outdoors and forcing the unhealthy internal air out. The removal of the unhealthy air reduces the chances of getting health issues related to poor quality indoor air.

2. Provides ventilation

Nowadays, homes are built airtight and this limits the natural fresh air movement in and out of the house. Normal ventilation is very important since it supports life. Moreover, without proper ventilation, mould starts to form and this can cause health complications for the residents in the house. The air exchanger encourages natural ventilation and thus prevents the constant breathing of stale air.

3. Cooling effects

Air exchangers draw cooler air from the outdoors into the house and forces hot stale air out. The cooler air makes a house more hospitable and it is highly likely that you will now enjoy spending time in your home. The cooling properties of air exchangers might even enhance a person’s overall mood.

4. Reduces mold

A key cause of most health complications in homes today is mould. To lessen mould formation in the house, proper ventilation must be provided. An air exchanger can help through increasing the fresh air content in your house and therefore inhibit mould formation.

The main demerit of making use of an air exchanger is that most of them are very expensive. Furthermore, they are usually bulky and large.

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