Benefits Of AHCC

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Benefits of AHCC

AHCC which are initials for Active Hexose Correlated Compound is a diet ary supplement which has been made from extracts of various kinds of selected mushrooms that are cultured in liquid. Many hospitals and clinics are now recommending the use of AHCC as part of immune maintenance practices. Using this supplement will significantly intensify NK cells activity as well as macrophages. The following are more benefits of ingesting AHCC supplement;

1. Promotes immune system function
Known to increase the function of the body’s immune system, the AHCC is used to fight various immune deficiencies which include AIDS, cancer, Hepatitis and heart diseases. Potential users for AHCC are people who suffer from osteoarthritis, allergies, chronic fatigue, asthma, fibromyalgia and Lyme diseases and many more inflammatory responses which are influenced by the body’s immune system.

2. Cures Cancers
Treating more than one cancer successfully such as breast cancer, liver cancer, multiple myeloma and prostate cancer AHCC is also used to treat chronic infections, Hepatitis C, High blood pressure, stress, liver cirrhosis, glaucoma and cardiac arrhythmia.

3. Treats side effects of cancer related diseases
Because the AHCC is known to enhance the immune system by fighting various deficiencies, it is able to treat and consequently decreasing the negative side effects of chemotherapy like vomiting, fatigue and hair loss.

4. Nutritive supplement
Because of its ability to treat vast range of diseases, AHCC can be used a healthy food supplement if taken regularly to maintain proper body health. This is because it boosts the immune system as well as alleviating the effects of some specific diseases. If taken daily, it offers additional immune system support.

Nevertheless patients who can enjoy the benefits of this supplement but are undergoing chemotherapy are not allowed to use this supplement. They should avoid taking it by all means necessary.

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