Benefits Of Agility Ladder

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Benefits of Agility Ladder

Agility ladder or speed ladder is a type of fitness equipment that is used for enhancing quickness and flexibility in athletes. Apart from these benefits, agility ladder work outs offer several other health benefits as revealed below.

1. Increases balance

Agility ladder provides a good opportunity to make use of hip strength for controlling feet movement and therefore increase balance. The individual who makes use of the agility ladder performs vigorous backward, forward and also sideways movements. In addition, practicing these exercises continuously also helps in enhancing stamina.

2. Improves your footwork

The most suitable tool for enhancing your footwork is using an agility ladder. The work out effect is just like jumping ropes, but with additional advantages. Since agility ladder exercises are multi-directional, the feet are allowed to move in more intricate patterns in contrast with jumping ropes. You can also increase the speed of the workout since you are no longer restricted by how fast the rope turns. Eventually, you are going to have much quicker movements, which is a great benefit to any sport.

3. Simple set up

Agility ladders are usually designed specifically for quick setup and portability. Most of them come together with bags for storing purposes. To set up an agility ladder, all you require doing is laying it on the floor and pulling the ladder out. This action takes only one minute and you can quickly start your work out.

4. Fits into any workout

Agility ladders can fit into any exercise program where it can be used as an effective warm-up. This can help you elevate your heart beat and even prepare you for the forthcoming exercises.

A major shortcoming of agility ladder is that it could possibly cause knee, ankle and back injuries if the user falls awkwardly during the exercise.

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