Benefits Of Afforestation

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Benefits of Afforestation

Afforestation refers to the conversion of wasteland into a woodland or forest. It is essentially the transformation of land which has not been forested for a period of more than 40 year to woodland through seeding and planting. Afforestation is the best technique used to minimize the greenhouse effect. Therefore, there is constant necessity to develop afforestation programs in order to preserve and protect the forestry including the wasteland. A massive afforestation program is required to meet the increasing demand of fuel wood, timber and fodder. Here are the main benefits of afforestation.

1. Preserves wildlife

Afforestation is useful especially when it comes to protecting the wildlife. According to recent scientific studies, upland forest vegetation tends to affect the population of birds on neighboring unplanted moorlands. Planting of trees simply restores and maintains ecological balance of all systems in the environment.

2. Tourist attraction

Trees provide oxygen and also help to preserve ecological splendor of the landscape which in turn attracts tourists from all parts of the world.

3. Minimizes soil erosion

Soil erosion is significantly reduced as tree plantations prevent run off after heavy rains. In addition, trees bring soils together which prevents soil erosion.

4. Provides forest products

With an increase in demand for forest and timber products, afforestation is very valuable due to the explosion of livestock and human population. For that reason, construction of infrastructure has led to the demand of forest products.

5. Stabilizes the climate

Planting of trees in semi-arid areas attracts rainfall. This way, agricultural practices such as irrigation are carried out efficiently. In addition, afforestation acts as a catchment for water and soil conservation.

Afforestation has its share of disadvantages as well; blanketing has been known to spoil the beauty of the landscape. In addition, afforestation increases fire risks. It also limits pathways for recreational and hikers which in turn may reduce tourism.

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