Benefits of Aeration

Benefits of Aeration

Lawn aeration is essential if you are in search of a method of improving the health of your lawn. Aeration usually involves digging small holes in the lawn through different methods. You can choose to push a rod into the soil or through extract some soil from the lawn. An aerator usually does this particular job mechanically in order to avoid destroying the turf. These are some of the key benefits of aeration.

1. Loosens the compacted soil

Aeration is a vital part of any lawn care program as it assists in loosening compacted soils. The growth of roots is usually inhibited by compacted soils like clay due the restricted supply of oxygen. A healthy root is essential for a desirable lawn and thus aeration encourages proper root growth for a much better looking lawn.

2. Easier infiltration of fertilizers and oxygen

After performing aeration on your lawn, it is highly likely that the roots will be able to fully absorb all the fertilizers in comparison to applying the fertilizers on compacted soil. It also helps in getting the necessary oxygen into the soil while allowing nutrients, water and organic fertilizers get proper access to the roots.

3. Encourages better root growth

The roots are able to mature well and also grow deeper into the soil once aeration has been done. This is because water is now capable of soaking the soil and reaching the root system. The compacted and tight soil is loosened up enabling the roots to grow further downwards and get even more nutrients.

4. Improves water infiltration

Aeration helps the water to reach the desired places for a much healthier lawn. This makes the root base stronger making the lawn both drought and heat tolerant. It also reduces water runoff since all the water will now be absorbed into the soil.

The only drawback of aeration is that it takes a very long time before you can notice any results. For that reason, you are required to be very patient.

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