Benefits of Acai tea


Acai Tea is made from juicy and dark berries of the Acai Berry palm tree. This tree is known in Latin as ‘Euterpe oleracea’.

The Acai palm tree is a native plant of South and Central America and is mainly found in Brazil. This plant reaches a height of 15 to 30 meters and its leaves are 3 meters long.

It has been found that Acai tea is highly rich in Vitamins such as Vitamin A and Vitamin C. It even has minerals and nutrients like Iron, Calcium, Omega fats, antioxidants and fibres, which is good for our health.

In addition Acai tea also has certain other health benefits, some of which are illustrated below.

Helps in weight loss

It has been clinically recorded that drinking Acai tea helps in suppressing our hunger pangs and so it is an ideal beverage that aids in weight loss.

Improves cardiovascular health

If you are worried about your cardiac health, it’s time that you must try tasting Acai tea. It has been noted that Acai tea contains certain fatty acids that are similar to what is found in Olive oil. Hence drinking this tea not only helps in lowering our bad cholesterols, but it also reduces our glucose level and helps in dilating our blood vessels that improves circulation in our body.

Prevents cancer

Researches have verified that Acai tea contains antioxidants which are similar to that what are found in Oranges. This antioxidants found in Acai berry which contains a substance known as anthocyanin helps in fighting against cancer cells, especially Leukemia.

Anthocyanin also aids in fighting against free radicals which cause degeneration of healthy cells in our body.

Anti-inflammatory benefits

According to a study found in “Journal of Agricultural Food Chemistry’, it has been illustrated that drinking Acai tea helps in suppressing the action of certain enzymes known as Cyclooxygenases which plays a vital role in escalating inflammatory conditions such as arthritis. Acai berry even decreases the production of interleukins in our body that is also associated for escalating inflammatory disorders.

Promotes skin health

Acai berry and Acai tea has been consumed since ages to treat skin conditions. It has been noted that since Acai tea is rich in antioxidants, drinking this tea helps in rejuvenating our skin which gives our skin a healthier glow.

Promotes digestion

It has been found that Acai tea has powerful detoxification elements that helps in promoting digestion. Drinking Acai tea on an empty stomach in the morning and also right after our meals aids in faster absorption of the food and thus it keeps our digestive system clean.

Apart from the above stated health benefits it has also been found that drinking Acai tea on a regular basis helps in boosting our sexual drive, especially in men.

Brazilian women even drink Acai tea as it has been noted in several researches that this tea aids in improving mental function and prevents psychological imbalance in post-menopausal syndromes.

Last but not the least, drink Acai tea also helps in combating fatigue and exhaustion and so is an excellent beverage that cures overtiredness in a miraculous way.

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