Benefits Of Abstinence until Marriage

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Benefits of Abstinence until Marriage

Abstinence until marriage entails giving up or refraining from sexual activities until after marriage. Taking such a significant step can offer many benefits to a person, especially for teenagers. Even though it is not very popular among the population, abstinence is the most effective birth control method. More advantages of abstinence until marriage are shown further below.

1. Prevents unwanted pregnancy
An obvious benefit of abstinence until marriage is the fact that there is zero chance of getting pregnant. For individuals who do not want to become pregnant or sire more children, abstaining from sex is very effective. Many women are normally left in fear as they await their menstrual period to reach following sexual intercourse. Some even take premature pregnancy tests after intercourse so as to ease their minds. However, through abstinence, the aforementioned worries and stresses are avoided. Protection sometimes does not provide the desired results but with abstinence, you are certain to prevent unwanted pregnancy.

2. Prevents STDs
Not only can you get some very discomforting STDs through engaging in sex, but you could possibly get HIV and AIDS. For youths, getting such infections is normally quite irritating and it may cause them to be segregated by their friends. Simply going to the health clinic and seeing other people with similar problems can really aggravate the condition. Moreover, scheduling your entire life around prescription drugs for dealing with serious venereal diseases can lead to anxiety and depression. Nevertheless, abstinence until marriage provides comprehensive protection from STDs.

3. Better sex life
Even though abstinence may not necessarily guarantee a highly satisfying sex life after marriage, it can start a marriage well without baggage linked to past relationships. Individuals who have already had sexual intercourse with several partners have basically numbed themselves towards the connection to their marital partner.

The potential drawback of abstinence until marriage is lack of the special intimacy that is gained through sexual intercourse.

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