Benefits Of Abstinence Only Education

Benefits of Abstinence Only Education

Abstinence only education focuses on only teaching the youth the benefits of abstaining till marriage. This ensures that they can avoid sexually transmitted ailments, HIV infection and also unintended pregnancies. Aside from viewing abstinence as the most suitable option of maintaining proper health, most supporters of abstinence only education also think that it is wrong for individuals to have sexual intercourse before marriage. More advantages of abstinence only education are listed below.

1. Lowers HIV rates
The use of abstinence only education in certain nations have resulted in lower rates of HIV. For instance, Uganda has attained large reductions in her prevalence rate for HIV due to abstinence only education. Most nations in Africa that continue following the model advocating for condom use continue suffering from increasing HIV rates. Since this form of sexual education places more emphasis on abstinence, it reduces the chances of students engaging in sexual activities.

2. Realistic approach
The logic on which the abstinence only education is based on is very realistic. It implies that people should wait till marriage so as to have sex and then become faithful to their partners for life. This reflects the true nature of modern life, where being faithful is key to maintain a relationship. Furthermore, people who have undergone abstinence only education are also least likely to have divorce in marriage.

3. Parent support
Most parents support abstinence only education because of its effectiveness. In addition, this kind of education assists in protecting the youth from infections and health problems. These sexually transmitted ailments can cause parents lots of money as they attempt to manage them. However, since the children will abstain from all forms of sex, parents can be less concerned about having to pay huge medical bills.

Nevertheless, abstinence only education does not offer medically accurate data. It has been shown to be ineffectual in educating youth concerning pregnancy prevention and STI.

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