Benefits Of Aboriginal Status

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Benefits of Aboriginal Status

The aboriginal Canadian people are also commonly referred to as Indian. In order to receive the various aboriginal benefits, you have to register as an Indian. There are innumerable benefits of aboriginal status as displayed below.

1. Treaty payments

These treaty payments usually depend largely on the exact conditions and terms of your corresponding First Nation’s treaty. An individual can get yearly treaty payments provided he or she has an aboriginal status and is affiliated with any treaty band. In addition, people with aboriginal status are entitled to a small share of funds dispersed to members of the First Nation. The money that is shared between members usually originates from gas and oil royalties.

2. Right of ownership

Large pieces of land have been reserved for the benefit and use of the whole community. Single members of First Nation cannot own land except through applying for aboriginal status. Even though certain First Nation committees enact some by-laws for regulating residence, these by-laws are not going to infringe on sole residency rights that arise from the aboriginal status.

3. Tax benefits

There are certain situations where people with aboriginal status do not even pay taxes. In fact, these people do not pay provincial or federal taxes on their real and personal property that is found on any reserve. However, the personal property that includes services, goods and also income ought to be consistent with CCRA policies.

4. Social assistance

Similar to all Canadian residents, individuals with aboriginal status may get social services and social assistance provided they meet the various eligibility requirements. Social assistance programs are offered by provincial, federal, municipal or territorial governments depending on the place of residence of the recipients. Moreover, both elementary and also secondary learning services are accessible by children with aboriginal status living on the reserves.

The disadvantage of aboriginal status is that it is very time consuming with regards to the registration process.

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