Benefits of abdominal massage

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Benefits of abdominal massage

Body massages can provide various health benefits including relaxation among many others. ‘ For the most part though, people are not used to having their abdominal areas massaged. ‘ Most people have massages for their backs, arms, legs, and feet. ‘ Aside from these common massage areas though, the abdominal area is also a good spot to get the following benefits:

1. Stress relief

As with all other massages in other areas of the body, abdominal massages will also help promote relaxation and relieve stress. ‘ Stress may be in the form of emotional and mental worries or muscle tightness. ‘ All these forms may be relieved with abdominal massages that are properly applied. ‘ Muscles in the abdominal area will literally be relieved of tightness causing them to relax and have a normalized blood flow. ‘ Overall this contributes to an overall sense of relaxation and calm. Abdominal massages will also help the body produce the so-called feel-good hormones or endorphins that are responsible for the feeling of wellness and relief of pain.

2. Promotion of healthy digestion

Since the massage is performed in the abdominal area, the organs that are stimulated are those that are responsible for food digestion. ‘ When the stomach area for example is massaged, it will basically be relieved of any physical stresses and therefore lead to better functioning. ‘ With a better functioning digestive system, proper digestion will also result.

3. Eliminates toxins

Massages to the body including the abdominal area will also help it eliminate harmful toxins and free radicals. ‘ By stimulating the circulatory system and lymphatic system, the body will be in an environment wherein it can effectively eliminate harmful chemicals and toxins. ‘ Overall, this effect will help people gain optimum health and possible prevention of various sicknesses and ailments.

After an abdominal massage, one is expected to generally feel better and more relaxed. ‘ The heat component of the massage will also help in the relief of pain and muscle spasms while at the same time promote a positive stress-free feeling.

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