Benefit Of Flight Attendant

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Benefit of Flight Attendant

Flight attendant is a lucrative career with many perks. You can enjoy many benefits especially if you love travelling, as you have the privilege to fly for free around the world. However, you should put in mind that these perks are very attractive and although there are a sizeable number of airlines, you except fierce competition from other prospective candidates.

1. Cheap travel
Once the probation period is over, you can fly inexpensively or for free to your choice of destination on your time off. Nonetheless, these privileges are only extended when flights are not full to capacity. In simple terms, cheap flights are granted when there is space on the flight. On the other hand, every airline has its own policy and guidelines.

2. More time off
Statistics show that most flight attendants get more days off than most ‘’eight-to-five” jobs. Because their work is intense and overwhelming, flight attendants get more time off every month. This gives them an opportunity to travel to their favorite destination inexpensively or for free.

3. Rewarding benefits package
Flight attendants also enjoy a rewarding benefits package, which includes life and health insurance, 401(k) retirement plan and employee stock opportunities. Additionally, you get reduced travel benefits, covering accommodation, cruises and car-rentals.

4. Reduced travel rates
Family members also get an opportunity to enjoy reduced rates when travelling to their destination of choice. In addition to that, flight attendants also have the privilege to travel with a friend and still enjoy reduced travel rates.

5. Meet new people
You can meet new people as a flight attendant. Meeting important people can open doors to new opportunities.

Since it has an array of benefits, fierce competition is inevitable not to mention there are only a sizeable number of airlines. This means there are many potential candidates and few opportunities.

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