8 Extraordinary Health Benefits of Rose Tea

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Rose has many medicinal properties. It is the sole reason it is used in Ayurveda for a long time. It is a fascinating fact that one cup of warm and fresh rose tea is equivalent to the same level of vitamin C as found in almost 60 oranges. Rose Tea is similar to traditional beverage made from rose hips and petals. There are four key ingredients in this tea, vitamin C, citric acid, pectin and malic acid.

Let’s take a look at some of the great medicinal properties of Rose Tea.

  • Rose tea works instantly and release heat and harmful toxins from your body. Therefore, it certainly have a cooling effect. A cup of rose tea in a sunny afternoon keeps you relaxed and comfortable.

  • It is effective in curing sore throat, blocked bronchial tracts or runny nose. It makes rose tea an instant relief supplement when you have caught a cold. Remember, those winter nights, when you used to find too tough to get a sound sleep due to blocked nose. Rose tea can help you find relief and it acts as supportive medicine to cold fever and flue.

  • People who suffer from chest problem, can regularly drink rose tea for improved health benefits against various chest related diseases. Rose tea prevents certain infections that are directly linked with chest problems.

  • Your digestive system will get improved when you drink rose tea at regular intervals. It helps in fighting infection in the digestive tubes and other related areas. Rose tea also restore normal bacterial activity in the intestine for healthy digestive functions.

  • It has been found in the research that rose tea works effectively in curing gastro-intestinal problems including dysentery, gastro enteritis and diarrhea. If you want to keep your bowel formation good and healthy, get used to drinking rose tea every day.

  • Rose tea is a natural laxative. It is a great remedy for all type of liver problems that adversely affects your quality of life. Rose tea helps you prevent constipation and you can get going to your work on time in the morning. You will not be late to your office for a reason that you cannot explain to your boss.

  • Rose tea is a special health supplement for women who suffer from frequent menstrual problems. It gives you instant relieve from uterine congestion resulting to periods at regular intervals and improved fertility.

  • People who suffer from sleep disorder, popularly known as insomnia, can use Rose Tea as a medicinal supplement. It gives you an uplifting feeling and relaxes your nervous system. As a result, you can experience sound sleep free from fatigue and depression.

It is already a long list. Although some of the benefits are still left uncovered in this article. You can find all of them yourself once you start drinking rose tea regularly. Apart from the healthy benefits that it provides, it can be a great welcome drink for your guests. It is an exotic drink and your guest will surely enjoy its smell while they take the first sip. Spend pleasurable evenings with your family with rose tea as your refreshment.

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