7 Amazing Health Benefits of Cardamom

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Cardamom is an exotic spice that feature a signature smell. This spice is most commonly seen in the Indian kitchens. Besides being an essential herbal spice, cardamom has some powerful Ayurveda properties. It is used in the treatment of mouth ulcer, depression and digestive disorders. It is really an advantage to know some of the useful health benefits of a spice that you use in everyday cooking. Cardamom is undoubtedly one of them and here are the benefits for you.

1. Acidity Reliever

If you want a powerful remedy for frequent acidity problem, cardamom is the ideal choice. It helps in strengthening mucosal lining process in stomach. Cardamom has certain essential oils. It works great in increasing saliva secretion that is vital for proper digestive function. Chewing raw cardamom after every meal, will help you fight acidity problem and you will start feeling much better than before. It is much better sticking to an herbal remedy than taking antacid drugs.

2. ‘ Regulating Heart Rate and Blood Pressure

Cardamom is rich in essential electrolytes, such as calcium, potassium, and magnesium. As you know that potassium is one of the main components for body fluids, blood and cells. As you can get sufficient potassium from cardamom, it works as a natural regulator for your heart rate that eventual keeps blood pressure under normal level.

3. A Natural Mouth Freshener

Cardamom fights against bad breath triggered by improper digestion of food. It is the main cause leading to foul smell in your mouth. Cardamom works from the root, eliminating the chances of improper digestion leading to a refreshed feel and an odor free breath.

4. Fighting Anemia

It may sound unbelievable but what the experts are saying, it’s all sum up to the fact that cardamom helps in preventing anemia. Some of the major components in cardamom are copper, vitamin C, iron, riboflavin and niacin. All these contents are best known for their role in cellular metabolism and RBC production in blood. Therefore, cardamom is a natural remedy for anemic patients as it helps in relieving anemic symptoms.

5. Improving Vigor

Cardamom is known as one of the best herbal stimulant and a potent tonic. Regular use of cardamom will lead to more stamina while you are in the job. You will also not hesitate to go for longer duration when you have cardamom as your supportive sex medication. It also fights impotency and it makes cardamom an all-rounder when it comes to use it as a natural Viagra.

6. Remedy for Chest and Respiratory Problem

Cardamom, as a vigor enhancer, increases interventricular blood circulation. It also helps in easing blood circulation in lungs. Cardamom is warm and it instant heats up your body from inside making is an ideal remedy for cough and cold, and asthma. Similarly, this spice also works great for chest congestion. For all these reasons, cardamom is the most essential spice in your kitchen, especially in the winter season.

7. Detoxification Properties

Cardamom has certain detoxification properties with the help of its rich manganese contents. It helps in destroying free radicals leading to body detoxification to a great extent. This medicinal property of cardamom makes it a great prevention tool for cancer.

Maybe, some of the benefits mentioned here are still unknown to you. However, you are already feeling determined to keep cardamom as a regular spice in your kitchen. Besides featuring strong properties for improving digestion to the least known detoxification function, cardamom is a great taste enhancer for a handful of dishes. You should try one of them today.

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