6 Unquestionable Benefits of Death Penalty

Death penalty or capital punishment is something that does not need any introduction. Everyone knows about it more or less. Death sentence is regarded as the highest punishment to capital crimes such as gruesome murders, terrorism, or act of war against a nation. However, not all countries in the world practice this punishment because of humanitarian reasons, but it is still practiced in 58 countries worldwide among them China, India, United States and Indonesia are the most populated countries where this penalty is practiced.

On the contrast of humanitarian movement and anti-death punishment campaigns, this capital punishment still holds some unquestionable benefits. Let us now take a look at them.

  • Death penalty is the strongest response made by a nation against heinous crimes against the innocents. It is a message to the criminals from the judicial system that the nation will show no mercy to such crimes and the criminals alike.

  • Anti-death penalty activists claim that this punishment and the fragile legal procedures often wrongly condemn innocents. However, this is not totally true as the modern crime detection system and testing facilities such as DNA test ensures that the criminal is detected accurately. Hence, no chance of mistake in identifying the one who has actually committed crime. It makes the death penalty an effective tool controlling crimes.

  • Death penalty offers added relief to the families of the sufferers. They feel secured enough to walk the street freely without the fear of the criminal threatening them to withdraw the case.

  • It has been seen in the records that criminals who have managed to escape death penalty, commit similar crimes again. They feel assured that they will manage to escape for the second time. Death Penalty is an ideal and the only solution to this problem.

  • It is an expensive affair to keep outnumbered inmates in the jail. Criminals who have willingly committed heinous crimes such as murders, being completely aware about the consequences, should not be forgiven by the society. Therefore, it is of no use taking care of them and feeding them with public money. Government can reduce the cost beard for the jail inmates by giving death penalty to those who deserve it.

  • Death penalty is the only punishment tool in the judicial process that certainly ensures that no other victims will generate from the same criminal. If a criminal is sentenced to death, his criminal activities are put to an end. This is an added relief doe the society.

Although there are many disadvantages of death penalty, it certainly seems ideal for a nation to give death sentence who have willing committed crimes with gruesome violence. Society never forgives those who have taken innocent lives willingly and purposefully. Law should go by the concurrent social structure and its expectation from the judicial system. If the society wants death penalty to be the ultimate punishment, there is no use of trying to save a criminal with the hope that he will become a good man someday. It is still a debatable issue worldwide but capital punishment is here to stay for a long time until criminals start to fear the judicial system and its merciless judgement.

1 thought on “6 Unquestionable Benefits of Death Penalty”

  1. Let me start by saying that I am FOR the death penalty. I agree that it is necessary to the feeling of a society whose needs/safety are always being considered. However, there are 2 points I think you need to address in your article.
    1. Cost. Because the US requires so many appeals (hence, lawyer fees), “due process” is a long, drawn out and, consequently expensive affair and a person given the death penalty doesn’t acutally save the government any money. It would seem that knocking off 20 or 30 years of care would net you some savings but it is practically a wash.
    2. There are a few Innocence Project groups that exist to determine the guilt of someone who has been convicted and given the death penalty. They so far have found 144 people have been put to death for crimes that DNA has proven them to be innocent of. Yes, that is a very small number of all the criminals who have gone to the chair being completely guilty of their crimes (and probably committed some we don’t know about!) but we have killed 144 men who were totally innocent. It’s a sobering thought. They were arrested, tried, convicted, appealed a couple times and not able to prove their innocence even when they didn’t do it.
    I honestly feel that, as soon as a baby is born, we should be taking fingerprints as well as a DNA marker. Why not? If that child should ever go missing, we can identify remains via the DNA, we will have everyone’s DNA on file so a match would instantly pop up and criminals like rapists would be held accountable far more often because the victims wouldn’t be subjected to putting themselves through the ordeal of a trial.

    Just thought you’d want to know!


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