6 Major Benefits of Dual Band Wireless Router

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A router is a device that is capable of providing wireless internet connections to nearby connected devices. A dual band router is one that has two signal bands of different frequencies as compared to single band router. Having an extra band over single band router ensures its superiority over the later in many ways. The major benefits of dual band wireless router are stated below:

  1. Better range and signal strength

Since dual band routers have multiple signal bands, they can easily provide greater range of the signal compared to single band routers. So the use of dual band wireless routers is very advantageous for larger office areas or full sized homes.

  1. Offers better network speed

A dual band router has two bands, one of 2.4 GHz and another of 5.0 GHz enabling connections on both bands simultaneously and thereby providing more connection and network speed as a whole. This serves a huge advantage to those who need fast working internet and have to do multiple tasks online at a time which often slows down the browsing speed in case of normal single band routers.

  1. Efficiency in doing heavy online works

Better signal strength as well as speedy net connection allows dual band wireless routers to efficiently enable multi-tasking and heavy works on the internet. People who use several media streaming applications online like streaming audio and video, including online gameplay can get a lot of benefits using a dual band router.

  1. Effective in providing multiple connections

Various complexities arise when a number of devices are given wifi connections with a single band router due to its weaker signal and network speed. Those who need to give wifi internet connections to laptops, tablet computers and cell phones simultaneously will certainly have the required service satisfactorily using a dual band router because of its greater efficiency.

  1. Suitable for use in the office and group work

In the office or while working online in groups, many devices have to be given internet connections at once. This service can successfully be done by using a dual band wifi router. This router provides better signal and speed, while being capable of bearing the loads of multi-tasking and multiple connections at a time. So this device is perfect for providing internet connections in an office or group work.

  1. Future benefits

As technology is advancing, so is our lifestyle. Those who are looking forward to adding more devices to wifi internet connections will certainly need dual band routers. Because single band routers will not be able to suffice our increasing demands in the near future. So, dual band routers are also good for planning ahead.


Today internet has become the part and parcel of our life. And while Ethernet cables are able to provide us with that, wireless wifi connections have become more popular and preferable to the old wired system. Even in wifi internet connections, those who seek for convenience and satisfaction in use should definitely go for dual band routers for their efficiency and benefits as mentioned above.

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