6 essential benefits of avocado oil

Avocado is a pearl shaped fruit which is native to Guam, Mexico and Central America. Avocado which is also known as alligator pear and butter fruit is famous for its miraculous beauty and health benefits, for which this green fleshy fruit has been cultivated since centuries even in the past.

Avocado consists of several essential nutrients which are found in avocado oil, has been traditionally used for treating a myriad of skincare and health problems besides being consumed as a food.

Some of the essential health benefits found in avocado oil are:

1. Protects the skin against harmful UV rays

Butter fruit oil, helps to keep the skin supple and soft when applied on the skin regularly. It not only keeps the skin smooth, but it also helps the skin to remain protected against the harmful effects of the UV rays of the sun. Hence avocado oil is often used as an essential component of sunscreen lotions.

2. Hydrates the skin

Avocado oil, is rich in vitamins such as A, C and E which helps in keeping the skin hydrated against extreme weather conditions. It also helps in keeping the skin moist and thus alleviate wrinkling of the skin, which is a common symptom that comes along with ageing. Avocado oil is even popular as a formidable skin care agent which helps the skin to fight against pollution and dirt that often reduces the shine on our skin.

3. Cures Psoriasis and Bright’s disease

While avocado as a fruit is widely used in several places all around the globe for curing Bright’s disease, the oil extract of this fruit is extremely beneficial for curing Psoriasis and other periodontal diseases. When avocado oil is applied on the skin, this oil also helps in removing the scales on the skin which makes the skin look younger and rejuvenated.

4. Prevent acne

Using avocado oil along with regular intake of fresh avocados in our diet, helps in effective control against acne or any other breakouts on the surface of the skin. Massaging the skin with avocado oil helps in keeping our skin glowing and supple over time.

5. Keeps hairs health and strong

The vitamins that are found in the avocado oil helps to regulate hair growth and prevent hair loss when used on a regular basis. As avocado oil gets easily absorbed by the follicles on our skin, so this oil suits best for dry hairs. Avocado not only keeps our hairs beautiful and shiny, but it also nourishes and strengthens the hair.

6. Improves blood circulation in the scalp

Itching and other hair problems are often associated with dry scalp. The avocado oil often goes deep into the epidermal layers inside our scalp and thus keep our scalp moisturized against harsh weather conditions. This oil stimulates the hair follicles and thereby improves the blood circulation in our scalp. Avocado oil is also used in various cosmetic hair care products as an effective oil, which detangles the hair and helps in keeping the hair non-greasy.

Other than these above mentioned qualities, avocado oil is also used for curing arthritis, as it helps in simulating cartilage growth that helps in alleviating symptoms related to inflammations caused by osteoarthritis.

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