6 Amazing Health Benefits of Pickled Beets

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Beets are popular known as beetroots. Some people also call it garden beets. It is a special type of root vegetable that can be easily identified with its deep red or purple color. Beets are collected from the cultivation facility and undergoes a pickling process so that it stays fresh for a long time. There are certain health benefits of eating pickled beets. If you have not tasted it yet, you will surely give it a try after reading this article.

Here are the top 6 health benefits offered by pickled beet.

  • Pickled beets are a rich source of essential vitamins and minerals. Consuming beets lets your body automatically absorb a balanced level of potassium, fiber, magnesium, iron, beta-carotene, folic acid, prosperous and many other nutrients. It is like a master food where you are getting all the nutrients with respective recommended levels. Beets are particularly ideal for women expecting a child. As the essential vitamins and iron helps in cell growth for the fetus.
  • Beets are known to contain a safe amount of Betaine. It is a substance popularly used in the treatment of depression. Beets contains tryptophan as well. It is a substance that helps in relaxing your mind and gives you a feeling of well-being. Beets are also known to lower blood pressure which is directly involved with mental health. All these benefits makes pickled beet a high profile food for up keeping a good mental health state.
  • Beets provide a rich source of energy because it is low in calorie levels but high in sugar levels. Unlike chocolate, sugar in the beets are gradually released through your digestive system. It makes pickled beets a popular energy food.
  • Beets are known to be the natural alternative to Viagra. In ancient Rome, this vegetable was used in the treatment of sexual health. Beets are rich in boron which is a known to be linked with the production of sex hormones in humans.
  • Beets can be a wonderful liver nurturing tonic. It has been found that beets purify blood and prevents certain types of cancer. What else do you need to back up your beets craving. It taste so good in form of salad or cooked recipe and it also prevents cancer, wow. Nothing can get better than this. So, eat beets as much as you like.
  • Beets are often used by nutritionist to examine your stomach-acid level. If urine color turns pink after taking a lot of beet juice, you have low level of stomach acid inside. If it is still clear, go ahead and eat some more beets. It helps you stay on top of your diet curve.

The beneficial sides of beets is backed by its good taste and the large number of recipes. Search online and you will find hundreds of recipes with pickled beets as one of the ingredient. Therefore, beets can only give you a good health diet without disappointing your taste buds. Freshly crushed beet juice is good as a health supplement and it is way better than taking artificial supplements available in the market.

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  1. Jim Hart

    November 2, 2016 1:46 pm

    I found home style pickled beets in Big Lots
    Made in Poland and in a glass 900 G jar
    So good cold! Right out of the jar !

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