5 Rarely Known Benefits of Diatomaceous Earth

If this sounds unfamiliar to you, here is the quick fact about diatomaceous earth. It refers to sedimentary mineral deposits that formed naturally from the remains of oceanic algae and unicellular shells. It is also known as diatoms and the term is derived from there. Diatoms are known to be older than 30 million years and it was formed when microscopic algae and other plants died and the remains left in the earth’s surface. Diatomaceous Earth, when mined and processed, can be utilized for many medicinal use.

Let’s take a look at some of the major benefits.

1. Rich in Silicon and Other Trace Minerals

Diatomaceous Earth contains about 85% of amorphous silica. In earlier times, humans used to consume sufficient amount of silica from food but now silica is rarely present in food and toxic soil is a part of every food sources that you eat. Silica has an important role in building tendons, bones and blood vessels. Silica is also required for strengthening teeth, nails and skin. Silica is also present in some of the major organs in your body like heart, lungs and liver. Abrasive form of Diatomaceous Earth contains 33% of silicon and other trace minerals such as sodium, magnesium, calcium, iron, copper and fifteen more to add.

2. Improves Mineral Absorption

Silica is soluble in water and it stays in your body for a shorter period. Sufficient consumption of diatomaceous earth is helpful for the absorption of all minerals. It is necessary for your body to absorb enough minerals for proper functioning of various internal systems including digestive system, nervous system, heart and lung function etc.

3. Cholesterol Control

Diatomaceous Earth works effectively in lowering bad cholesterol levels. It absorbs cholesterol and prevents it from getting mixed with blood. This way, you can control blood pressure and prevent serious cardiac issues that may arise due to high cholesterol levels in blood. Diatomaceous Earth is a friend for your heart and regular consumption in form of pills of power helps you regain lost health vitality and a properly functioned cardiac health.

4. Helps in Internal Cleansing

Diatomaceous Earth is seen to offer regular and healthy bowel movement. It helps immensely for digestive system. When your body can prepare regular bowel and intestinal tracts get cleaned every day, you will certainly have a better life without any digestive disorders.

5. Strong Detoxification Properties

Diatomaceous Earth has a strong overall detoxification properties. It is a natural bonding element and capture free radicals and prevents excessive oxidation in your body. It is a powerful compound that sucks internal heavy metals and prevent your body from any toxicity occurred due to excessive presence of those metals.

Apart from all these benefits, diatomaceous earth is used as a nature made insecticide. It also has anti-fungal characteristics. The most important of them all is the rich presence of silica. It is an essential nutrient for your body and it helps in building stronger bones, teeth, nails. Silica also helps in increasing skin elasticity keeping it farm for longer time as you grow old.

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