5 Amazing Benefits of Electronic Cigarettes All Smokers Should Know

E-cigarette has successfully won the position of a new age alternative to traditional cigarettes. With an e-cigarette, you are not actually smoking, you are vaporing out the cartridge. It is like using a single e-cig for as many as 20 times a day with a single cartridge inside. You can also recharge the e-cig and change the cartridge for a different type of flavor. All these benefits are quite visible when you decide buying an e-cig. However, some of benefits may still be unknown to you. Here is the list.

1. Free from Distinctive Odor

You may already know that traditional cigarettes come with a distinctive odor. It is a type of smell that can be identified easily by non-smoker and ex-smokers. The smell of burnt tar and tobacco flakes is so strong that it engulfs your cloths, hair, hands and whatever get in touch with the smoke. On the other hand, e-cigs do not have such distinctive smell. You are exhaling vapor from an e-cig and not smoke. Users have reported that the smell is almost non-existent and e-cig smokers are free to use their own fragrance rather than roaming around smelling like tobacco all the time.

2. Think about money – E-cigarettes are a lot cheaper

Apart from the health benefits, e-cig helps you take care of your pocket too. E-cigs are a lot cheaper than buying traditional packs for a lifetime. A single kit of a good quality e-cig lasts more than 2/3 years and you just need to recharge the kit using USB cable and order cartridges as per your flavor preference. It is that easy and exotic using e-cigs and that too comes with a savings potential. Do you need any more excuses?

3. Vapor vs. Smoke

The competition between e-cig and traditional ones comes down to two basic factors; vapor and smoke. Scientists have studied and showed us that smoke from burnt tobacco is more harmful than tobacco vapor. Vapor is water based so there is no risk of catching fire. E-cigs are a lot safer to use is in those places where smoking is not allowed. Choose vapor over smoke and see the difference in your lifestyle.

4. Feel Better

Using e-cig makes you feel better than before. A lot of people have admitted that they are enjoying life in a new way after switching to electronic cigarettes. It gives you freedom, it gives you something to relish upon when you are not prepared to quit smoking but you want to. It is, of course, a feel better gadget that every smoker should try. Make health risks including cancer, osteoporosis, heart attack etc. can be prevented replacing traditional cigarettes for electronic ones.

5. Stay Social with E-Cigarette

Traditional cigarettes are already infamous due to the impact they have on human health. A lot of people lost their lives and some lost their loved ones all because of smoking! It is really a truth and smoking actually kills. E-cigarette is new in the market. A few people have just started using it. It is a new trend. People are curious, they want to get close with this device. All these things make c-cig very social.

Some of the less known benefits of e-cigarettes are mentioned above. This is not a complete list. There are other benefits too. If you are a regular smoker and you have a mild desire inside you on quitting this habit, try e-cig for an effective change.

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