Medically Proven Benefits of Douching for Women

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Douching in French means washing or soaking. This is a special cleaning procedure of vagina. This cleaning procedure mainly requires a certain combination of vinegar and water. Readymade douching kits are also available in the market. These commercial products contains extra douching benefits such as fragrance and antiseptic properties. Usually, a douche kit comes in a bag or a bottle accompanied by a tube shaped applicator. The douche solution is sprayed through the tube into the vaginal area in an upward direction.

Douching for women has many medically identified benefits. Some may call it old fashioned but the practice is still there for certain reasons. Let’s take a look at some of them.

  • Douching gives extended protection against vaginal infections. It is an old belief that regular douching keeps you clean from inside. It is advisable to use natural vinegar based water solution for best result.

  • Douching, as a regular practice, is good for health. When women reach their adulthood, they face various problems related to their sexual health. Douching keeps you aware about your sexual health. Care for your body is what makes you a complete women.

  • Researchers have found that the combined practice of douching and using approved contraception helps prevent unwanted pregnancy and lessens the risks of side effects. However, you should understand that douching is not an alternative option to using condoms or contraception pills. All these have different purposes and sexual health counselling is solicited in case you have any confusion.

  • Keep the most private part of your body absolutely odour free with douching. Douching helps you keep your vagina clean and free from harmful bacteria generation. This in turn gives you optimum hygiene and you will feel fresh and confident again.

  • The best part, douching when practiced from the beginning stage of your adulthood, helps you fight menstrual complicacies to a certain extent. It is better you use a natural method for vaginal hygiene rather than taking pills with side effects in the long run.

  • Douching is beneficial as it simply makes you happy. It lets you feel confident about yourself and you do not hesitate to open up in those intimate moments. As a woman, you should feel proud about your womanhood and douching allows you to enjoy every moment of your life by giving you a clean and bacteria free sexual health. A lot of people, still speculate about the risks and perceived benefits involved in practicing douching. All these are just fears or social barriers. Break yourself free from these barriers and discover a new you with the help of douching.

Taking care of your sexual health is in your hand, especially when you are a woman. When you just step towards your adulthood, you may face a handful of confusion regarding your sexual health and genital hygiene. You can give all these confusion a go with a single stroke and it is douching. It is an old fashioned yet so popular genital hygiene procedure that works effectively upon regular practice. As you grow up older with a more focussed concern about your sexual health, douching continues to serve you with the best of what it actually offers.

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