Health Benefits of GMF

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Health Benefits of GMF

Genetically modified foods undergo some sort of genetic engineering so that they become enhanced and attain some beneficial characteristics. The reasons for modifying foods are many but the most important ones include research purposes and superior commercial value. Most genetically modified food products are engineered to survive harsh environmental conditions.

1. Prevents malnutrition

Most developing countries are faced with the problem of malnutrition. This problem usually occurs when the population does not get enough nutrients and vitamins from their food products. Malnutrition is a very serious condition as it can result in other health issues such as blindness and even death. In most instances, GMF contain extra nutrients that help prevent malnutrition.

2. Enhance overall health

Vaccines are an important part of medicine as they help to prevent diseases. Research shows that genetically modified foods can be used to act as vaccine. Children may prefer eating foods that contain vaccines instead of undergoing injections. This not only improves overall health, but it also reduces over reliance on health services. ‘ This benefits the whole society in general as it reduces the number of people who require healthcare. This means the government can dedicate most of its resources to other worthy causes.

3. Wide variety of ingredients

Even though fish and blueberries greatly contribute to a person’s health, genetically modified foods contain lots of ingredients. For instance, most people would not think to include soya into their diets. Since genetically modified foods contain soya, they provide more nutrition than other normal diets. In the current society, most people just do not have time to eat a healthy meal. However, GMF offers a healthy alternative since it contains a great variety of ingredients.

Given the vast success of GMF in many countries, it is expected that any risks that may occur are smaller compared to the benefits that they offer.

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