Health Benefits Of Edamame Beans

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Health Benefits of Edamame Beans

Edamame are young soybeans that have a fresh green color and are very nutritious. The many benefits of edamame beans are in part because of the health benefits linked to eating soy products. Different from the mature and firm soybeans, edamame beans have a soft texture with a very pleasing taste. Consuming edamame beans regularly offers the following benefits.

1. Cardiovascular benefits
The isoflavones present in edamame as well as other soy products may assist to reduce heart disease risk, according to certain studies and lower cholesterol levels. These cardiovascular advantages of edamame are further enhanced when edamame beans are utilized as the main source of proteins instead of meat. Other than isoflavones, edamame beans provide significant vitamin K amounts that are vital for good heart health.

2. Nutritious
Edamame beans are a great source of proteins, thereby making it popular amongst vegetarian athletes. Half a cup of these beans offers 11g of protein and they are among the few protein sources containing all the nine vital amino acids that the body cannot make. The content of fat present in edamame beans is heart healthy and it assists in lowering cholesterol as well as lowering heart disease risk. In addition, these beans only provide 125 calories.

3. Better bone health
Eating edamame beans regularly could possibly enhance your bone health due to their isoflavones content. They maintain healthy bone density through exerting effects similar to estrogen on the bone tissue. Edamame beans are excellent calcium sources as well that is required for strong bones.

4. Fiber
Edamame beans boast of high fiber amounts that aid in reducing cholesterol levels. This fiber keeps a person satiated and therefore prevents bad eating habits like overindulging.
However, edamame beans protein causes a considerable reduction in testosterone levels, which is particularly troubling to bodybuilders and also men.

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