Benefits Of Zinc Oxide

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Benefits of Zinc Oxide

Sun exposure is beneficial to your health as it is an excellent source of vitamin D. However, excess exposure to sunlight can cause skin wrinkles and even maybe skin cancer. Zinc oxide provides great protection against UVB and UVA radiation.

1. Cell growth and development

Dietary can form a great nutritional diet since it help to improve cell health. The skin is continually regenerating healthy skin cells, thus zinc play a role in skin growth. You can also consume zinc supplements for optimal health but remember too much consumption is harmful to your heath, especially when you are on medication.

2. Heals wounds

Recent studies have shown that dietary zinc oxide is useful in treating wounds as well as sores. Studies further show that it contains astringent properties that help with oily skin, which is effective in preventing the development of bacteria.

3. Rash treatment

Zinc oxide also proves beneficial for skin rash and minor skin irritations. It works in such a way that it creates a barrier that prevents the progression of the rash. This help to soothe your skin and provide relief at the same time, thus is useful for burns, scrapes and small cuts.

4. Treats skin blemish

Have you been looking for a way to eradicate those undesirable facial features that make you appear tired and worn out? Well, studies show that zinc oxide may help remove acne and other unsightly facial features, leaving your skin smooth and glowing. However, make sure you consult a doctor if you have skin disease to avoid further complications.

5. Maintains skin health

Zinc oxide is also proven to help improve health of the skin due to its astringent properties. Nevertheless, research it still at its preliminary stages to support this finding.

Zinc oxide can cause allergic reactions when used in lotions or creams. On the other hand, some people have reported mild cases of hives and rash.

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