Benefits Of Zeolite

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Benefits of Zeolite

Zeolite refers to a type of mineral present in ash, sea salt and volcanic rock. In diet ary supplementation, zeolite is usually taken in its liquid form. Further below are benefits of zeolite supplementation.

1. Eliminates pesticides and herbicides

Zeolite supplementation helps to do away with pesticides and herbicides in the body. Even though it does not directly eliminate the pesticides and herbicides, it prepares the body for effective waste removal. For instance, liquid zeolite helps in eliminating heavy toxins and thus significantly lessening the load exerted on a person’s liver. This enables the liver to function more effectively, eliminating the pesticides and herbicides.

2. Prevents nitrosamine absorption

Nitrosamines absorption is lowered dramatically using zeolite supplementation. These nitrosamines are key components of processed meats that are responsible for causing colon, pancreatic and stomach cancer. Zeolite helps to neutralize all nitrosamine toxins found in the digestive tract. Subsequently, the zeolite together with nitrosamines is safely excreted.

3. Lowers viral load

Zeolite supplements work to lower the viral load of the body. Once you have taken the zeolite supplements over a long time, the zeolite latches onto any viruses present your body. In fat, zeolite grabs all viral components that are going to become viruses eventually. This enables your body to stay healthy and prevent diseases caused by viral infections.

4. Diabetes and cancer

People with diabetes can significantly benefit from zeolite since it is capable of buffering blood sugar. The individuals will no longer experience major spikes in blood sugar. Zeolite supplementation helps to lower cancer risk as well. It eliminates toxins that cause cancer and even kills certain cancer cells. People with cancer should use zeolite supplements with other medications for more effectiveness.

Zeolite has certain demerits also aside from its many benefits. The key zeolite disadvantage is that it does not aid with fat or weight reduction.

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