Benefits Of Zamzam Water

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Benefits of Zamzam Water

Allah Ta’al created all living things out of water. We all need water for domestic use but Zamzam water is unique and varied. Muslims crave this liquid and relish the chance of drinking it on every occasion. You may ask, ‘’what makes Zamzam water so special”? Everything! Although it doesn’t have a distinctive taste, it has been known for its health qualities.

1. Healing attributes
Zamzam water has been scientifically proven to have healing effects as it has significant amounts of Magnesium and Calcium. It also contains fluorides and salts that are believed to have germicidal properties.

2. Strengthens the heart
Zamzam water was used to wash the Prophet’s chest to build his strength so that he could be able to see Hell and Paradise, and kingdom of earth and heaven. Zamzam water has special qualities that improve function of the heart, and heals the soul from worries and depression.

3. Peace and blessings
Scholars recommend that people should drink Zamzam water regularly and sprinkle it on the chest, face and head. Nonetheless, you should remember to make du’aa’ when drinking the water to benefit you in this world because Prophet Allah has bestowed upon you peace and blessings.

4. Increases sexual potency
According to Tawaaf, drinking Zamzam water regularly for forty nights can improve one’s sexual potency and ability to fast longer. By drinking Zamzam water, it is possible to perform Tawaaf several times so long as you know what you want to achieve after drinking it.

5. Treats migraines and headaches
Drinking Zamzam water can also help to cure eye problems, according to Yusria Abdel-Rahman Haraz. It can also help to treat severe headache when medication seems ineffective.
Although there is no proof of these theories, many believe that drinking Zamzam water is good for health and general wellness.

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