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Benefits of YTB travel

Benefits of YTB travel

YTB or Your Travel Biz refers to a multi-level marketing company that offers services related to travel.  Through YTB, people can book or gain information regarding travel packages, trips, hotel bookings, transportation, and many other things involved in travel.  The YTB travel business program involves recruitment of people or organization s who will each be given their own travel website for a fee.  Those enrolled under the system will get the following benefits:

1. Affiliate website

Participants of the YTB travel program will have their own website setup and maintained for a corresponding fee.  This is a great advantage for those who want to concentrate on their main business which is travel and its related services.  Tour operators and booking agents for example need not worry on maintaining their site to keep their business afloat.  Through YTB travel, their services can be advertised on their own affiliate website.

2.  Commissions for travel bookings

Since part of the YTB travel package is the setting up of the website, participants will also get their fare share of all the bookings on their own site.  By promoting their own website to their target consumers, enrolled participants can easily earn more money through online bookings.

3.  Incentives on agent referrals

Being members of the YTB travel program also entitles people to recruit others and become new agents for the company.  By simply attracting more people to join the group, one will earn a commission.  In fact, it is said that participants of this travel business will get most of their earnings from agent recruitments.

Despite some concerns on the company’s business model in terms of agent recruitments, YTB travel continues to grow with the members and participants also earning their share in the business.  With their own affiliate websites, members can even add up to the usual services of tours and bookings.  They may also include passport servicing, flower ordering, and ticket sales among many other services.

Benefits of YTB travel

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