Benefits Of Yogurt for Men

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Benefits of Yogurt for Men

Yogurt is the product got from fermenting milk. It is commonly taken flavored using fruit syrups or plain. Men who add this delicious dairy product to their daily nutrition may get numerous health benefits. Since each person has unique nutritional needs, consulting a doctor before making huge modifications to your diet ary practices is recommended. Here are benefits of yogurt for men.

1. Treats male infertility

Zinc, an essential mineral, may assist in the treatment of male infertility. Research states that the intake of sufficient amounts of Zinc helps to enhance the sperm quality in men. Yogurt is an excellent zinc source as one glass of yogurt provides about 15% of the recommended allowance for men.

2. Weight loss

Drinking yogurt helps men lose weight and thus avoid the health complications linked to being overweight. The high dietary consumption of calcium by drinking yogurt products assists the body to utilize all of its reserve fat sources. Actually, men who regularly consumed yogurt had signification reduction of the waist circumference in contrast to those who do not consume yogurt products.

3. Protein

In general, men require more protein as compared to women. On average, men should strive to get 55g of protein each day. Drinking yogurt provides an essential protein source as it offers about 12g of protein in one glass. It is strongly advised to consume yogurt products that are low-fat and high protein in nature. This can assist those men looking to promote muscle growth.

4. Beneficial bacteria

Yogurt contains beneficial bacterial like the Lactobacillus bacteria. Each time you take yogurt, the live bacteria help in enhancing the overall digestive tract health. They might aid in the treatment of health problems that are caused imbalances of bacteria like IBS and diarrhea in men.

The only disadvantage of yogurt consumption for men is that yogurt cannot be kept for long after it has been opened.

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