Benefits of Yellow Lenses

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Benefits of Yellow Lenses

The idea to use yellow lenses is nothing new. It is a form of polarized glass used extensively in situation to sharpen the vision. Sailors and boaters are well acquainted with this type of lenses for over thirty years. The main reason to use yellow lens is to produce better vision in contrast to a non-polarized glass.

Recent technologies on eyeglass have become more sophisticated. The best lenses that come in the market are designed for better processing of color in the eye. While most sunglasses blocks ultra-violet rays that damage cataracts in the eye, the new technology shows more superiority by integrating ultra-violet filters into the lens as an inner layer. The basic advantage behind the same, the filters will not wither away or become ineffective due external scratches compared to the conventional glasses. Polarized lenses are available in different colors such as yellow, gray and copper.

However here are some of the benefits that can be derived using yellow polarized lenses:

  • Yellow lenses offer high depth and contrast which enables filtering blue light. This is significant in sports activity such as hunting, shooting or cycling. The lenses help to filter the blue color that radiates from the sky thus making it easier to detect even a minute movement.

  • Yellow lenses are highly effective when it comes to bad or hazy light. It’s contrast and sharpness helps absorb 100% ultra-violet rays and blue light which makes the vision brighter. This is why one may often find use of yellow lenses in fog or in dusk and dawn.

  • During a long drive yellow lenses are very effective as it helps to reduce fatigue by adding contrast to the vision. This is why cyclists or bikers are often found wearing yellow lenses.

  • Yellow lenses are also used extensively during hunting or hiking.

Aforesaid are some of the key benefits and usage that are found with polarized lenses.

Though the advantage to use polarized is now clear but still there are some drawbacks which should be taken in account. In a situation when one needs protection from infrared light the yellow lenses will not be an effective option. Also, it is not recommended for those driving in the night as the sole purpose of this type of lenses is to protect from natural light which is absent in night.

Polarized glasses have now become a natural necessity with the increase of global warming. The intense ray from the sun which inevitably damages our eyes can now be protected using yellow polarized lenses. And if one is a professional outdoor sportsman, yellow lenses are considered as a must.

Many eye-glass manufacturers produce polarized lens and are available with varieties of price tag, depending upon the quality. But it is always better to rely on the best one since no one would like to damage their eye at any point of time.

In order to obtain yellow lenses one can visit the nearest eye specialist to know more in details on the same. It is always better to be careful when it comes to sensitive factor like eye care and yellow lenses are just the perfect companion when the work involves working under bright sunlight.

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