Benefits Of Year Round Education

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Benefits of Year Round Education

There are various types of year round curriculum. For starters, some schools have an extension period in their school year, while other schools use the 180 days calendar. There are many pros and cons of year around education. Some argue that teachers and students would benefit from shorter breaks, but studies on this new trend similarly show the ups and downs of negating this system in schools.

1. Children receive enrichment education

Instead of extended vacations during school holidays, year round institutions entertain short breaks. Such breaks are known to help children receive quality education. Moreover, children benefit academically when given short break, since they can remember the material taught in school.

2. Improves efficiency

According to educationists, institutions that entertain long breaks are though to lack meaningful development in regards to providing quality education. Through the year around education, children are involved in a variety of interesting activities at school, which help to kill boredom as they keep them occupied away from class.

3. Reduces expenses

The year around education is efficient since it facilitates the registration of more students at the institution. Additionally, many parents consider it as efficient as it help reduce child-care expenses. Since your child spends most of the time at school, you don’t need the services of a baby sitter.

4. Easy to schedule vacations

This system is convenient to many when it comes to planning for vacations. In fact, this system is used in several countries as well due to its efficiency and flexibility. By taking short breaks, students are often occupied therefore boredom is not entertained in any way whatsoever.

5. Flexible remedial classes

The system can address the issue of remedial classes better as opposed to the 180 days system. Therefore, teachers can monitor the development of each child.

The year around education also has its share of disadvantages as well. Utility expenses will gradually increase, since air conditioning and electricity require maintenance during the school year.

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