Benefits Of Yaz

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Benefits of Yaz

Population explosion is one the most terrific problems in the world today and needs to be controlled. Numerous birth control methods are now available both for males as well as females. Yaz is one such birth control method used by women all over the world. It is aÂ’ pill that is given to women in different doses during the complete menstrual cycles which is twenty eight days long. For the initial 24 days of the menstrual cycle the woman is given an active pill and for the remaining four days she consumes a sugar or placebo pill. The cycle is repeated in such a manner each month and is an effective method of birth control. This contraceptive contains low quantities of estrogen and is thus safe. Apart from birth control yaz benefits to its users in many ways such as:

1.Helps in the treatment of Premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD)
Yaz is a birth control method that is capable of treating premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD). It is a serious disorder that causes severe physical and emotional premenstrual symptoms like anger, irritability depressed moods, anxiety, headaches, bloating of stomach, muscle aches and change in appetite.

2.Useful for treatment of moderate acne
Studies conducted on women after intake of yaz pills have indicated that it helps in the treatment of moderately sized acne. So if you don’t want to get pregnant and have an acne free skin, opt for yaz as a contraceptive.

3.Reduces the flow of monthly periods.
YAZ is an amalgamated birth control pill, that contains two female hormones namely estrogen and aprogestin. Like many other methods of birth control, this pill also reduces the flow of your monthly periods. Lighter period each month, causes less blood loss from your body. The amount of iron lost form the body is thus reduced, lowering your chances of developing anemia. Yaz also helps to regulate irregular menstrual cycles, and also helps in reducing cramps.

4.Protects the body form cyst formation.
Yaz is a combination pill that helps to prevent the release of ovum in the body. This reduces the risk of developing noncancerous ovarian cysts in your body.

5.Protects the breasts.
Intake of a combination pill like yaz protects the breast by preventing the formation of cysts and lumps in your breasts

6.Lowers the chances of ectopic pregnancy
A pregnancy in which egg starts developing outside the uterus, in the fallopian tubes is known as ectopic pregnancy. Intake of a combination pill like yaz lowers the occurrence of such life-threatening condition.

7.Protects the body against cancer.
Consumption of yaz pills reduces the occurrence of fatal diseases like endometrial and ovarian cancer.

YAZ contains a female hormone that increases the potassium content of the body. People suffering from liver, kidney, or adrenal diseases should not consume Yaz at it might cause serious heart problems like blood clots, heart attack and stroke.

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