Benefits Of Yarrow

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Benefits of Yarrow

Yarrow grows naturally in North America, Asia and Europe. Various species of this plant are used like garden ornamentals. It is commonly used in herbal medication for treating diarrhea and hypertension. Here are more benefits of yarrow.

1. Astringent effects

The astringent action of yarrow is beneficial in certain allergy cases where nasal secretions and watery eyes are caused by dust, molds and pollen. Yarrow is also utilized to encourage sweating in people with fevers, flu and colds, thereby assisting them to overcome simple infections.

2. Benefits the skin

Yarrow possesses strong moisturizing effects and thus it is useful for dry skin. It contains high flavonoids and tannins content, as well as skin soothing effects. A yarrow tonic can benefit people with acne and oily skin. This tonic is also beneficial in eliminating dandruffs from the scalp.

3. Uterine tonic

Several studies illustrate the effectiveness of yarrow in enhancing uterine tone. This may assist to encourage menstrual flow of blood, especially if it is scanty or irregular. It also lessens uterine spasms, thereby lowering heavy flow during abnormally dense menstrual flow.

4. Anti-inflammatory effects

This herb comprises of a compound known as salicylic acid, which has anti-inflammatory effects. This makes it useful for relieving pain linked to gynecologic complications, digestive ailments and other ailments. Taking yarrow preparations daily could possibly alleviate symptoms of uterine disorders and menstrual cycle such as endometriosis and cramps.

5. Anti-bacterial properties

Yarrow has antiseptic effects against bacteria. In fact, the fatty acids and bitter constituents in yarrow enhance bile flow in the body. This assists in enhancing digestion and also preventing the formation of gallstones. Moreover, yarrow tonic is also utilized for gallbladder issues.

While yarrow is effective in stopping bleeding, people with deep or large wounds should first seek the necessary medical attention. Moreover, just like other herbal remedies, yarrow preparations should be avoided by pregnant women.

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