Benefits Of XP Service Pack 3

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Benefits of XP Service Pack 3

Service Pack 3 is the last huge update for Microsoft’s Windows XP and it was released in 2008. This particular update is like a courtesy to consumers of Microsoft as it does not add much to the Windows XP OS. Service Pack 3 only consolidates many small updates into one huge package. It is filled with various updates for functionality, security and performance issues. Further down are benefits of the XP Service Pack 3.

1. Resolves issues

The XP Service Pack 3 includes various fixes for many problems. If your computer is automatically updated, then it is likely that you might have already installed the required fixes. Nevertheless, for those who are installing Windows XP for the first time, then the Service Pack 3 offers the quickest method of getting the appropriate fixes installed without many reboots. It also comprises of security patches that can be utilized by most components of Windows XP, such as Internet Explorer, Outlook Express and Media Player.

2. Support

Another huge XP Service Pack 3 benefit is the fact that it is the best method of getting continual support for Windows XP from Microsoft. Microsoft has clearly said that it will not support systems running Service Pack 2. Microsoft will go on releasing patches for resolving security problems until April, 2014. Nevertheless, you are only going to be capable of getting and installing those essential patches if you are using Service Pack 3.

3. New features

Service Pack 3 adds a couple of new features to your Windows XP. A key feature is that you do not require entering the product key when installing from a disc, which greatly speeds up the process of installation. Once you have finished installing windows, you may require entering your product key.

There are no major drawbacks of installing XP Service Pack 3, but most people complain that it still takes too long to install.

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