Benefits of XHTML

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Benefits of XHTML

HTML is considered as the foundation with regards to creating websites. The language was firstÂ’ created in the early 90′ and continues to evolve. Essentially, html remains the logical option forÂ’ novice’s to start learning how web coding works. Web codes simply allow you to link severalÂ’ web pages simultaneously, and have a wide array of benefits especially when you learn to workÂ’ with coded pages.

1. Sustainability.

Due to the fact that web applications have become increasingly sophisticated, the use of webÂ’ coding or XHTML will become more widespread.

2. Wide array of applications.

HTML is popular since it can support a wide array of applications and hence can be used toÂ’ make more complex web pages. For instance SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) MathML (MathÂ’ Markup language) can be supported in XHTML. Nonetheless, only a few browsers support suchÂ’ applications.

3. Efficient processing applications

Although only a few browsers can support the XHMTL format the few ones available are quickerÂ’ and more convenient thanks to short error processing routines. For that reason, browsersÂ’ spend more time on processing of document, meaning downloads will be faster.

4. Closing tags

XHTML are equipped with closing tags, which helps web design professionals and beginnersÂ’ to carry on with their work. This means that XHTML ensures your source is readable and cleanÂ’ which helps to enhance your skills as a website design professional. In a nutshell, you need toÂ’ learn web coding using XHTML to make sure your website appears professional as compared to
basic html which is suited to personal web pages.

5. Product Connection

XTML also creates a solid connection to the service or product being sold. The reason whyÂ’ HTML is popular is simply due to the fact that it allows for you to create a connection betweenÂ’ the product and the graphic.

XTML has it share of shortcomings as well, one of them is that is only supports few browsers.Â’ Nevertheless, this problem is expected to be alleviated with the upgrades these browsers areÂ’ undergoing.

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