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Benefits of Xenotransplantation

Benefits of Xenotransplantation

Xenotransplantation is a scientific term that actually refers to the transplantation of tissues, organs and cells between members of different species. The application of this technique has been the goal of transplant specialists as it is considered to be helpful especially in cases of heart failure and kidney problems. Despite the possible benefits, xenotransplantation is still under great controversy.

1. Helps counter the shortage of human kidneys

Presently, the shortage of kidneys is currently severe, which in turn results in more time for an allograft. Other ways to organ transplant, like implantable devices, stem or cell therapies are sometimes considered. Nevertheless, the most realistic, option is xenotransplantation. The use of animal transplants would eliminate the existing problem of clinical replacement.

2. Prevent the recurrence of infection diseases

The other advantage of xenotransplantation is actually the ability to avert the occurrence of some of the infectious diseases (since animals are not vulnerable to certain strain of viruses like hepatitis C and B). Also, these organs can introduce extrinsic material solely for therapeutic purposes.

3. Saves lives

There are over 500,000 women, children and men on the list waiting for organ transplants. Those on the waiting list usually rage from infants to adults. Xenotransplantation would help to save the lives of thousands of patients all around the world.

4. Transplants can serve several purposes

Medical specialists ascertain that it is actually possible to transplant more than fifty tissues and organs into others from every organ donor. For that reason, these organs can serve several purposes, from saving the recipient’s life to increasing value of life.

5. Reduce the causes of disability or organ failure

New insight into xenotransplantation, novel approached to imaging and diagnosis; increasing emphasis of regeneration and prevention and the use of new technologies will help to alleviate the most essential reasons for organ failure.

Despite the possible numerous benefits of xenotransplantation, it still has a cloud of great controversy. This may be due to the fact that it poses health risks as it is said to introduce infectious agents in the body.

Benefits of Xenotransplantation

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