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Benefits Of Wu Long Tea

Benefits of Wu Long Tea

Wu long tea is also called oolong tea and it contains caffeine and polyphenols that offer several benefits the body. Since wu long is only semi fermented, it contains high amounts of beneficial nutrients as compared to black tea, which undergoes an extensive process of oxidation. The following article portrays some of the benefits of frequent consumption of wu long tea.

1. Aids weight loss

If you are in search of a method of shedding those extra pounds, then you ought to consider drinking wu long tea. This tea works by burning calories efficiently. Based on studies carried out in Japan, people who consumed wu long tea had enhanced metabolism as compared to those who only consumed green tea. In fact, those who consumed wu long tea were able to easily burn high amounts of calories than those who drank other kinds of tea. Incorporating wu long tea into you your diet may therefore assist you slim down and burn calories.

2. Inhibits fattening carbohydrates

The intake of wu long tea prior to consuming carbohydrates lowers the effect caused by the insulin enhancement that usually occurs after carbohydrates are consumed. This action blocks the carbohydrates that are normally stored and later converted into fat. This means that you can consume pasta, bread and cake among others without being concerned about gaining the additional weight linked to high carbohydrate intake.

3. Reverses ageing signs

As people age, the effects of pollution, stress and other factors take their toll on the body through encouraging the production of free radicals. Most of the visible ageing signs like wrinkling and dark spots on the skin are typically caused by free radicals. Frequent wu long tea consumption reduces and destroys free radicals, thereby reducing the visible ageing symptoms.

Although wu long shows lots of promise in the medical field, you should take caution when introducing this tea as well as other varieties into your nutrition.

Benefits Of Wu Long Tea

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