Benefits Of Wrist Weights

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Benefits of Wrist Weights

Wrist weights are cheap exercise tools that are used for arm toning and strengthening. They are generally worn while doing other exercises such as walking so as to enhance the exercise benefits. Wrist weights are available in varying weights, with others being easily adjustable. Read on and discover the benefits of wrist weights.

1. Benefits arthritic individuals
For individuals with hand injuries and also those with arthritis, wrist weights offer an alternative form of exercise. Such people typically have a hard time holding and exercising using barbells and dumbbells. However, since wrist weights are attached around the wrists, any person can use them without worrying about injuries. Dropping barbells might lead to injuries, but the wrist weights have a low likelihood of coming off during the workout.

2. Burn fat
Through wearing wrist weights when performing your cardiovascular workout, you will greatly enhance your heart rate. This results in a significant improvement in the cardiovascular system as well as burning fat. Having additional weight around the wrists also gets rid of arm fat and assists in muscle building. In fact, you can attain well-defined muscles by using wrist weights.

3. Increases strength
Training with additional weight is quite useful and more people are adding wrist weights to their workouts due to this fact. Simply wearing wrist weights when working out or walking will provide you the additional strength you require. Other than increasing strength, wrist weights also build endurance and speed.

4. Enhances workout effectiveness
If you are seeking methods of enhancing the effectiveness of your workout, then adding wrist weights is the answer. The muscles have to simply work harder because of the additional weight. Wrist weights effectively tone and shape the muscles.
Get your doctor’s approval before starting a wrist weight workout. Wrist weights should not be used when performing aqua aerobics.

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