Benefits Of WoW Professions

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Benefits of WoW Professions

World of war craft is an online game which involves a lot of role play. The game can handle more than one player who assumes roles of fantasy characters who are heroic as they explore a virtual world which is full of magic, mystery and endless adventures. The following are benefits of WoW professions:-

1. Jewelcrafting
If you assume a jewelcrater’s role, you have the ability to create gems which can only be worn by a jewel crafter. As compared to normal epic gems, a jewelcrafters’ gems have larger stats and are more powerful.

2. Enchanting
This allows you to enchant through your rings. There are 3 types of enchants; spellpower, assault and stamina. If you are not playing this role, you cannot have the enchants. Only an enchanter can enchant and only through the rings.

3. Tailoring
As a tailor, you are capable of making your own clothes, mounts which can fly and bags. This professional also awards you with enchants only if you have been able to tailor more than 400 cloak enchants. There are various embroideries to choose from all which award you with enchants if you are able to make a lot of clothes.

4. Blacksmithing
Being a blacksmith enables you to make your own gear, place extra sockets on your belts, gloves and bracers. You are also able to make eternal belt buckles which can be used or sold to people who do not have blacksmiths.

5. Engineering
As an engineer one can be able to design some gadgets which can be attached to their gears like enchants do. These gadgets have various benefits such as increased speed to rockets which are then released for damage such as parachute clock and nitro boosts.

As interesting and functional as these professionals are, they require a lot of time to establish and develop.

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