Benefits Of Wolves

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Benefits of Wolves

Historically, wolves wandered freely but decades of hostility and misconception towards the animal has almost led to its extinction Habitat loss coupled with these misconceptions led to the extinction of wolves and the species is now found in a few countries. Even so, the wolf has a number of economical and ecological benefits.

1. Tourist attraction
Wolves are a major tourist attraction, with many folks travelling to vacation destinations in the hopes of seeing this superb creature. In Yellowstone, for instance you will spot a large number of nature enthusiasts spotting scopes, trying to catch a glimpse of this endangered species. Wolves pose a trivial threat to humans and livestock. In fact, they have been hunting elk and dear for centuries.

2. Economic benefits
Wolves also offer remarkable economic benefits. Tourism has now become one of the most interactive form of recreational. The desire to see the creature in its habitat has generated revenue in the tourism sector. For instance, wolves have improved fishing in Yellowstone.

3. Ecological benefits
In Yellowstone, Elk typically roamed everywhere before the wolves were introduced in 1995. After return of the wolves, the elk had to find another shelter and are no longer seen in the river valleys. As a result, young trees began to grown on the riverbeds.

4. Led to the rise of wetlands
Young trees began to grow on the river bed, creating a habitat for migratory birds. The new cottonwoods and willows are great building materials and food sources for beavers, which then led to the creation of new wetlands and marshes, which attracted ducks and otters. As you can see, the wolf has numerous ecological benefits, as well as economic perks.
Due to increasing conflicts between humans and wolves, this creature almost faces distinction if necessary measures are not set up to protect the few that are left.

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